Have You Been Preparing For a Mount Bromo Tour!

If you are a true traveler, of course, you must have surrounded the corners of this country, such as Ranukumbolo, Semeru, and many more areas that you have roamed. But have you ever traveled to Mount Bromo? Well, Mount Bromo is a mountain located in East Java, of course, has much-hidden beauty, enjoy the sunrise in the meadow and many more of the beauty of Mount Bromo which will make you immediately pack and Mount Bromo tour.

Now have you got ready to go there? Do you already know what the preparations are? The following article is discussed.

  1. Wear trekking shoes
    To make you successfully conquer Mount Bromo, you should use durable trekking shoes to take you from the foot of the mountain to your destination.
  2. Besides boots, wear a long shirt
    Because Mount Bromo is a reasonably high mountain, to make you comfortable and also safe on the trip, make sure you use clothes with arms that cover your entire arm.
  3. Before wearing trekking shoes, wear socks!
    It is recommended that you wear socks with materials made of wool, fleece or synthetic materials.
  4. Raincoat
    Make sure you bring a coat that can still be used because it will make you fight the rain.
  5. Camera
    It is mandatory for you to capture the moment while on Mount Bromo, don’t miss the beauty you enjoy up there.
  6. Scarves
    To get a view of the sun on Mount Bromo, you will pass a serene atmosphere until the bone piercing time in the morning. For that, you are advised to use a scarf with thick and durable material that will make you comfortable.
  7. Jackets
    Besides the jacket scarf, it is also essential to wear when climbing Mount Bromo, because it will protect you with materials that are thicker and warmer than raincoats, and scarves.
  8. Beat
    The hat will wrap around your head. It must be made of a material that is thick enough or can withstand your body temperature
  9. Gloves
    The same thing with jackets and scarves that function to warm your body, gloves will protect your hands from cold weather is also one of your obligations in climbing to Mount Bromo
  10. Hangan drinks in the form of sachets
    Now as citizens of Indonesia we are already familiar with warm drinks, especially those made from ginger. Ginger will make your body warm in bad weather.

Well, that’s all that this article can discuss. Hopefully, it will be useful for those of you who want to climb to Mount Bromo.

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