Arranging Mount Ijen Tour

Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire where it holds lots of volcanoes just like one of the most active volcanoes on earth, Mount Merapi. Indonesia is certainly the right place to visit when you want to enjoy something so full of splendor on the top of the mountain. Especially when you come to mount Ijen in East Java. Most of the visitors climb the mount Ijen to its carter before the sun rises to enjoy the Ijen blue flames. There is a lake in the middle of Ijen crater which full of sulfur and gasses. These gasses create a blue glow at night. No wonder this blue flame becomes the most awaited thing when visitors climb mount Ijen. If you want to go there, but you do not know what you have to prepare or how to get there, we will help you out to arrange your mount Ijen tour.

How to get to mount Ijen?

The nearest town to go to mount Ijen is Banyuwangi. You can arrange your own transport or maybe you can rent a car. But make sure you have looked for the information about all the transport you need to take. If coming from abroad, you have to organize a travel agent who will take you there. Banyuwangi is also the arrival place for all ferries from north Bali. It will be much easier for you who come from Bali to take the ferry to go to Banyuwangi. After that, you can rent a car or maybe a travel agent you have booked will surely pick you up.

Make sure you arrange your mount Ijen tour during the dry season in Indonesia. You should have prepared anything you need for hiking. Usually, hiking will be started at around 4 in the morning. If you come here during the rainy season, the hiking will set out around midnight. Be aware that sometimes the Ijen crater is closed due to the toxic gasses. As you climb the mount, you will meet sulfur miners. They do a dangerous job, inhaling toxic gasses, for a very little salary. You can help the local people by buying their cravings.

Arranging mount Ijen tour is a little bit difficult if you do not know how to get there. Of course, you need to prepare your own budget. Afterward, you should look for information about how to get there, any kind of equipment you need to prepare for climbing the mountain, and so on.

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